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Senior Community Services’ mission is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled populations by safeguarding their assets, allowing them to become or remain eligible for public benefits.

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What is SCS Pooled Trust?

What is a
Pooled Trust?

A Pooled Income Trust is a unique type of trust operated by a federally approved 501(c) (3) that allows disabled individuals of any age to preserve their income and assets, so that they may become or retain financial eligibility for public benefits such as Medicaid Home Care.

Why should I join a
Pooled Trust?

Under current New York Medicaid law, income in excess of the monthly Medicaid allowance must first be spent down on home care or medical expenses prior to receiving Medicaid coverage. Unfortunately, the guidelines do not exempt living expenses, such as rent, food, clothes, or utility services when calculating an applicant's excess income. As a result, Medicaid recipients may not have a sufficient amount of funds to maintain their standard monthly living expenses.

Per state and Federal regulations, any disabled individual that deposits their monthly excess income into a Pooled Income Trust will not be subject to rules that regularly apply to monthly excess income. The deposited income will therefore not be counted as available income required to be spent down.

How do I join
the Trust?

The beneficiary or authorized representative must submit a completed and signed Joinder Agreement accompanied by the enrollment fee.

Benefits of a Pooled
Income Trust

By establishing a Pooled Income Trust, the beneficiary obtains the benefit of having their monthly income available to them to pay for their living expenses without contributing to the cost of their medical care.

Why Choose SCS Pooled Trust?

  • We provide outreach and education to your members.
  • In person home visits.
  • Member account notifications.
  • Online access for VODs and other trust related documents.
  • Submission of complete Pooled Trust Packet to Medicaid.

Terms of Eligibility

  • A beneficiary must be disabled as defined by law.
  • Trust accounts must be established for the sole benefit of the disabled beneficiary.
  • The trust account may only be established by the individual beneficiary, power of attorney, or a court appointed guardian.
  • Income deposited to the trust account must belong to the beneficiary.

Benefits of SCS Pooled Trust

In person visits

Offering in home visits at a time
convenient for you.

Efficient processing

Expedient and efficient processing of
all new Joinder Agreements.

Expedited requests

Expedited processing of disbursement requests
(unlimited monthly disbursements).

Customer service

Dedicated and knowledgeable case workers
to handle your everyday questions or concerns.

Online Account Access

Real time updates on all deposits and
disbursements paid.

Credit card

SCS is proud to announce a new credit card feature,
so you can pay your bills on your own schedule.

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